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Hey! I am Daniel, a programmer/ software engineer, analyst, sys-admin, database admin and musician.


Having graduated with a Degree in Physics with honours from the University of Kent in 2010, my professional life has involved working on high profile and high priority projects in the financial and publishing sectors of London.

I have been writing software one way or another since 2004 during which I’ve programmed in around 14 languages including:

Community & outreach

I jointly run, with my friends, the largest Ubuntu Linux focused community on Discord where I lead a team of more than 25 globally distributed individuals to nuture a community where of members of all ages and experience levels may learn more about Linux and seek assistance with their learning journey.


My personal time is spent furthering my computer science and communications knowledge, mentoring junior programmers and recording music in my home studio. Head over to the music section if you’re brave enough :)

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