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Moving from Jekyll to Pandoc


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The move

The website is migrating from markdown + Jekyll to markdown + Pandoc. During this time, I’ll write the HTML, CSS and Javascript from scratch to ensure the website does what I want it to do, in the way I wish it. This means that there will be a period of time where some articles will be unavailable.

The motivation

Jekyll required many dependencies and a lot more oversight to work with than I find desireable. Pandoc is capable of rendering markdown as html, other than that I have very few requirements. It therefore makes sense to move forward with Pandoc

Migration timeline

There are approximately 40 pages left to migrate.
I will not commit to a concrete timeline, however one page every few days puts a naive estimate at two and a half months. I will migrate:

  1. the most popular pages first
  2. the least popular and most complex pages last
  3. everything else in between

I will re-write some of the pages/ articles so that will increase the amount of time until delivery.

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